July 31, 2017

Kufri Fabrics And Discount!

hellooo!! took an inadvertent week off from blogging last week but i'm back today with a fun post.

as my instagram following grows, i receive all sorts of requests for partnerships. i try hard to only team up with brands i love and products i use. staying true to yourself can be hard but it's so important. that being said, i have loved and admired @kufrilife textiles and pillows for years and am an actual customer! so when mili, owner of kufri, reached out, i was truly excited to partner with them to share some of their beautiful fabrics.

kufri is based in dallas, texas but mili has lived and traveled all over the globe. we thought it might be fun to do a quick-fire type of interview (which reveals a bunch of fun facts!) with some photos interspersed. enjoy! PS - mili has generously offered 15% off for my readers. scroll to the end of the post for the code!

me: biggest success thus far?
mili: Still not happened.

describe your dream home...
One of those architect designed homes you see in Dwell magazine! Wood floors, high ceilings, massive windows, mid-century modern inspired custom built-ins, concrete and stone fireplaces, Japanese inspired backyard and a jaw dropping view.

fav interior design mag?
Elle Decor

*these pillows combine effortlessly with so many of my other favorites. 
featured here is cusco stripe.*

what do you do when you’re feeling uninspired?
Gym or bookstore. If I’m uninspired because i’m going through the blues, I’ll just let the feelings pass by in their own time. Thank you therapy!

if you were to add a new pantone color, what would it be?
Mixed Feelings Berry. It’s a little bit of pink, purple and blue.

biggest business lesson or realization?
I realized that while competition is a real thing, I’m primarily in competition with myself. It’s my hustle, my fight, my challenges, my race. If I can rise above my own doubts and fears and truly gave each day my 101%, that’s all that matters; the rest is in the hands of the one above. Everything will happen in its own time.

*rex in blush featured in the middle*

what’s on your bedside stand or what are you reading right now?
A stack... The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, latest issue of World of Interiors mag, Fornasetti Designer of Dreams and Surrendering to Yourself by Iris Krasnow.

a fav piece in your wardrobe recently added...
Lou & Grey’s ahhhmazing drop shoulder dress in black.

if you could splurge on one decor item for the home, what would it be?
Great lighting... A table lamp or ceiling pendant.

business goals for next couple of years?
Broaden distribution, expand line, get dedicated space. 

you’re in your late 30s now. what business advice would you give someone in their late 20s?
If you want to do something different, stop following the trend just so you can fit in and be liked, because you’ll ultimately land up looking like everyone else. Take a chance, develop your own voice, chart your own path. It takes a long time, so make patience your best friend.

favorite pattern? (even if your answer is "i can't pick just one!")
If I absolutely must pick one, I’d say Ira in Grey. It pulls on my heart strings.

three things you can't live without?
Hot tea, bookstores and my cell phone.

biggest inspiration?

dream vacation?
The farthest, quaintest villages in the United Kingdom.

so the next time you're in the market for a new pillow (which i recently saw someone describe as the grown woman's stuffed animal - could. not. agree. more.), consider kufri textiles. plus there's tons more to love like table linens and fabric yardage. 😍 and now for that 15% off code! use KUFRILOVESU15 at checkout. code expires october 1. 

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