December 6, 2017

Introducing: Meredith Rodday Design

drum roll please!!! today is the big day. i'm beyond proud (and also excited and little nervous!) to announce the new look for my interior design business:

image via coast to coast studio

about a month ago the lovely ladies, lucy and paige, of coast to coast studio reached out to ask if i'd be interested in working with them to create a real brand behind my work. it was exactly the kick in the pants that i needed. i created view from my heels when it was cool to name your blog back in 2010 but it doesn't really resonate with the work i'm doing anymore. i'd been toying around with the idea of creating a professional website for a while and never made it a priority. honestly i was scared to take that leap and i didn't completely believe that i was legit enough to have a professional website. it was so wonderful and empowering to hear their perspective because they saw me as a designer. not only a blogger or design enthusiast but a full fledged designer. having never had any formal education or experience in design, i've never felt completely comfortable calling myself a designer. even on instagram my profile has always read "interior design obsessed." just by reaching out and explaining the overall brand they envisioned for me, they helped me believe in myself. so really it's much more than just a new website and logo, it is complete empowerment and for that i am extremely grateful.

the process was very easy with lucy and paige. i sent inspiration images, colors, and sites and they came up with some ideas. we landed on a very clean and simple design which i think represents me to a tee. they were also incredibly patient as i changed my mind, changed it back again, and got into every detail. one of the biggest decisions was color and while it's hard to tell here, i opted to use a washed out navy (inspo was benjamin moore hale navy) as opposed to traditional black. it sounds pretty minor but i really wanted to use blue and it gives a slightly softer look than black. 

we created a new logo and lettermark which are both below. starting today, you'll start to see these logos and the new meredith rodday design brand mentioned and incorporated in my designs. my blog will stay put for now but can be accessed through the new website as well. i'm also keeping the viewfrommyheels name on instagram. i have a new email address that's up in the contact page.

as i said before, it's so nice to have a one stop shop so-to-speak of bio, portfolio, and yes even shopping! a huge thank you to coast to coast for all of their amazing work. 😘😘


Lacey said...

Looks amazing... and I am SO glad you kept your "for sale" section! You know my house is filled with your things. ;) Congrats on this next big step- I am so proud of you!!

meredith said...

Aw thanks Lacey! And yes couldn't let that go!

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