March 7, 2018

Dark Green Cabinetry

we are about to get dumped on today with snow but while the weather people make a HUGE deal about it, it's honestly not looking that bad. kind of ironic because my maryland roots still hear 3" and think 😱 but here in massachusetts, that's considered a dusting and even 8" is cleared pretty quickly. my bet is that it will all melt pretty quickly because we're supposed to be in low 40s the rest of the week. the only real issue is that there is early dismissal in my town for schools. luckily my afternoon appointment is with a client who we are also friends with and i can bring the boys!

anywho! or anyhoodle as a friend of mine from minnesota says! if you've followed my laundry room progress on stories, you know that i'm struggling (massive understatement) with cabinetry paint color choice. ever since the flooring went in, i can NOT get this idea of dark green cabinetry out of my head. the flooring is 3x12 black honed slate laid in a herringbone pattern and i'm so happy with it.

i was laying in bed one night mulling over paint colors - honestly i have some of my best ideas right before falling asleep! - and dark green popped in my mind. i think it would look awesome with the brass hardware, slate floors, and white paneled walls. but it's a risk because i don't normally go for dark colors. and what if i get sick of it down the road? but since i can't stop thinking about it, i rounded up some images of dark green cabinetry for us all to drool over!

teddy edwards via bhg

deVOL kitchens

studio mcgee

deVOL kitchens

via farrow & ball

deVOL kitchens

kate marker interiors

via here

katie hackworth via AD


thoughts? maybe now that i've gone through this whole post, it's out of my system 😉


Maryellen Jordan said...

Green could be really nice. Or maybe a pretty blue/gray. Much as I love all white kitchens and baths, some of the spaces that draw me in lately are those with a nice rich color.

I stumbled upon this green kitchen not too long ago and think it's gorgeous:

Linda Darling said...

Green cabinetry can be beautiful but not sure you will like the long term result with a flooring as dark as the one you picked. Notice all the pics you posted have light flooring. I am living with darker cabinetry and a darker floor and its just too much. It feels overwhelming and I am wished for one of those elements to be lighter. Both are expensive to replace or change.

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