July 13, 2018

GIVEAWAY: A Salty Soul!!!

happy friday friends! who doesn't love a good summer friday? i'm visiting the new build project i've been working on today and it's so fun to see it really starting to take shape - everything has been selected and we're just waiting on things to arrive or be installed. i'll be going through the gazillions of boxes of lighting, hardware, fixtures, etc to make sure everything that came is in fact what i ordered and that nothing is broken!

alright so today i have a very fun giveaway with a salty soul! i'm super excited because erin, the woman behind it all, is such a sweet person and has been so kind to me. we are giving away a fantastic sweatshirt from one of my favorite places on earth - nantucket! this one is apparently pretty hard to keep in stock - it's coveted people!!

and because erin is so kind and has gifted me one as well, i can tell you first hand how incredibly soft and cozy it is. i know that sounds extremely cliche but actually it's true. you know i don't promote things here unless i truly like them!

photo by @emilyelisabethphotography

so how to enter? go to my instagram, find this post, and tag three friends. make sure you're following me and @asaltysoul. that's it! the last day to enter is tuesday july 17. it's a perfect way to have a little piece of nantucket always with you.

good luck!

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