October 15, 2018

Faux Greenery Roundup

happy monday! fall is in full force here in new england and i'm embracing the sweater weather. just ignoring the season that follows. 😜 the foliage is starting to really shine and i'm excited to take a few photos of the colors. speaking of foliage, actually speaking of faux foliage, i've had several requests to do a roundup of faux greenery. plants, stems, and trees. so today is your lucky day!

i'll start it off with stems. when you don't have a bush or field nearby that's all lush and green, it's nice to have a few faux stems to bring in the look of nature. tip - make sure the stems are long enough for your vase. you can also trim them with a wire cutter. also make sure to order enough so the arrangement looks full! i've used these in the #plainrdproject and the #thomaslaneproject. here are my picks:

clockwise from top left: olive* | belle | eucalyptus | green petal | laurel
*curently sold out but often comes back in stock

next up are plants! i always like to have fresh, living plants around the house but there are places where i want some greenery that don't get much light. i have some faux favorites for this reason!

clockwise from top left: variegated | lavender | fern | succulent

and last but definitely not least - trees! faux trees are so great if only for the simple fact that keeping a living tree inside is HARD! especially in a climate that isn't always sunny and warm. so here are a whole bunch of ideas including many fiddle leaf figs that i've used in projects and have at my house. :)

clockwise from double topiary: double ball topiary* | fiddle leaf fig | olive | fiddle leaf fig
*i envision this outside under a covered porch

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