October 6, 2010

Dining Room Chairs

as i blogged about just a bit ago, i randomly sold our dining room furniture on craigslist. we ended up getting a great price and now i'm having fun choosing what to get as a replacement. before we had a "set" where the finish on the chairs matched the table and the whole thing was meant to go together. nothing against sets but i am more of a mix and match type of gal, so this time around, i'm selecting things that don't traditionally "go."

the first thing i knew was that i wanted different chairs at the head of the table than on the sides. i've long pined after these chairs:

jonthan adler chippendale chair
image via neiman marcus

but the price tag was a bit prohibitive for me so instead i opted for these:

ballard macau chair

for less than half the price :)  they are certainly not the same in terms of details and quality but still not all bad. i plan to paint them a bright kelly green in a high-gloss, enamel finish. i got this olive green color since it's the closest to what will be the new paint color.

for side chairs, i decided on the louis xvi style. i've also long admired this style of chair but it was when i saw them featured in lonny that they needed to be in my house. you know when something just hits you like that?

doesn't that bold stripe look so fresh on a traditional chair? these chairs also are from ballard designs and i knew that's where mine would be from too! loving too the contrast of the finishes between the table and chairs. given my husband's love for dark wood, i guessed our eventual table would need to be dark in order to preserve marital harmony. so i opted for an off-white finish on the chairs:

and sent in my own fabric to customize (it will not be white as above). they are supposed to arrive at the end of this month! is ballard a public company? i should buy stock.

here's a room that has the chair motif that i'm going for:

where oh where did i find you, nice picture?

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