October 26, 2010

Monkey Business

alright party people, listen up. i have got major news to share. this is actually pretty serious stuff. i'm very lucky to have a friend, megan, who gets me. she offers uncanny perspective and unending support (usually of the ice cream variety) in my lowest of lows and in my high highs. and it's because she's been there before.

her father and step sister both passed away from cancer early in her life. and in 2005 her brother ned was in a car accident which changed his life, and his family's lives, forever. ned is now 27 and a quadriplegic confined to a wheel chair.

so now it's time for me to give back. facing some pretty daunting medical bills, 24 hour care fees, oh and contractor bills because they put an addition on the house so ned didn't have to live in the living room, megan's mom wrote a book about the time since ned's accident. the book is called kasey to the rescue and tells the story of her family whose life was turned upside down as a result of this injury and of her incredibly strong son ned and his perseverance through some pretty dark times.

enter kasey, the title character. kasey is a 6 lb monkey who is trained to help ned with daily tasks and in the process has become his best friend. i was fortunate to read an advance copy and can vouch for the raw emotion of this story, all of which is true by the way. so please help me support this family by purchasing the book and also feeling pretty inspired and lucky to be able-bodied in return.

here's how and where to purchase. the book comes out november 2nd. book clubs anyone? :)

barnes & noble: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Kasey-to-the-Rescue/Ellen-Rogers/e/9781401323417
amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Kasey-Rescue-Remarkable-Monkey-Miracle/dp/1401323413
more info: http://kaseytotherescue.com/index.html

image via hyperion books


Catherine Martin said...

I will definitely purchase and also pass it along to my librarian mom!!! :) Hope she has great success with the book!

Lacey said...

does book club include wine? I am in. Kasey to the Rescue all around!

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