November 1, 2010

Easton, MD

if home is where the heart is, maryland is where my heart is. we took a quick trip to visit my parents who are now living on the shore in a town called easton. the eastern shore is full of character (and characters), gorgeous water views, and long, long driveways presumably leading to some pretty amazing estates.

my parents' neighborhood is a 10-or-so year old planned community with some great beach houses:

(love the brick sidewalks)

love this green one:

upper and lower decks:

the smart people who designed this neighborhood even thought of the 4 legged residents who are very happy with their giant run:

where this wild animal named tess likes to get crazy:

and finally there is this sign which 1. i really can't believe exists and 2. can't believe hasn't been stolen:

the town of easton itself is charming with a little downtown that among other establishments, has 2 really fantastic shops and 1 very amazing restaurant.

gracie is new and sells lines like paige denim and trina turk:

dwelling & design carries designers like john robshaw, bungalow 5, and madeleine weinrib:

aren't those light fixtures great? they gave me some inspiration which i will share soon :)

scossa restaurant:

let's be honest, the existence of this restaurant on the eastern shore is pretty unlikely. the chef/owner was trained in italy (also born there) by the cipriani family and helped to open the first cipriani restaurant in new york. as in the very famous, very delicious, rainbow room in nyc. i believe the story goes that he and his family were looking for a quieter, slower life and somehow found the little town of easton. happily for the rest of us he opened a restaurant upon arriving in town with some of the best italian food this side of the atlantic.

also the decor in scossa is sick. the banquets are covered in faux ostrich leather with nailhead trim. for a second you can almost believe that you're in manhattan. this is the only picture i have of the inside, i was a very reluctant participant:

hope you enjoyed this little tour of easton, md. and if you have an interest in visiting and want to spoil yourself, stay here in the neighboring town of st. michaels:

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