December 24, 2010

Dining Room Chairs Update 2!!

so i get that you're probably sick of hearing about my dining room furniture, but this is the last piece, i swear!! to refresh your memory, i wrote here about the sorts of chairs i was thinking for my dining room to return it from its furniture-less state. then i wrote here about the diy project i did to create the look that i wanted the chairs at the heads of the table. and now the day has come when the side chairs have arrived. and just in time or our guests would be standing for christmas eve dinner!

i sent this fabric to ballard:

to upholster this chair:

and now here they are in the flesh:

pretty good! but this was not the end to my madness. see that welting around the edges? ballard does not allow you to send two different fabrics to create contrast welting (where the little edge is a different color than the main fabric). but my vision was to tie in the green color of the head chairs to the side chairs.

sooo, i ordered a swatch of this fabric from inside fabric:

*tip - inside fabric is great if you know the fabric pattern # you're looking for but not so easy to search. since you pay for the swatch, it's yours to keep so just ignore that "return within 30 days" note. :) happy with the swatch, i bought 2 yards of the fabric and took the chairs to a local upholsterer to quickly swap out the welt.

now they look like this:

i think i like them. i decided not to do the seats but i added the welting to the back of the chairs too so that when they're pushed in, you can still see some green. it definitely adds a punch of color! p.s. that would be lily's flamingo in the bottom right corner!  merry christmas eve everyone :)

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