December 13, 2010

New Dining Table (And Other Things)

around here there are furniture mega stores with imax theatres and roller coaster rides inside. no joke. this particular chain is called jordan's and is exactly the kind of store that makes me cringe when think how over-the-top it is and how un-design-like it feels (read: cheesy). just being honest. however, if i put my snobbery aside for a minute and look past the gimmicks, jordan's has well-priced, well-made furniture that can be purchased as individual pieces (not only in sets as with some chains).

just to be clear, i'm not suggesting you can't find a great piece of furniture without going to a fancy store. it's good design that i'm looking for, which can readily be found in a thrift store or flea market. but good style is not what always comes to mind when i think jordan's.

anyhoo, off we went to the big box and ended up finding this:

close up of leg:

i must say, i love it. particularly for the price. i feel like maybe we stole it, it was that cheap. but i also love the finish and the fact that it's all hard wood. plus it has a leaf to fit 8, possibly 10 in a pinch. as i mentioned here, we were looking for a dark table this time around with much simpler lines than the previous french country style we had. admittedly this table doesn't bowl you over at first glance but it's a classic style that will be incredibly versatile for many years. my advice in these stores - be selective and be sure to look for quality. leave the cheese behind :)

p.s. thought i'd also share the final green chair now that the cushions have been redone. the cushions are now covered in navy linen with welting in the same sky blue fabric that i'm using in other parts of the dining and living rooms.

i'm partial to a clean, streamlined look and so instead of adding regular ties to attach the cushions to the chairs, i opted for velcro straps. you barely notice them and that's the point!

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Michelle said...

LOVE your chairs :)

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