February 7, 2011

In Search Of...

...bookends! i'm looking for some new bookends and i'm learning that there are a lot of gnarly options out there. but in weeding out the good from the ugly, here are a few ideas that i came across so far (in a reasonable price range).

i already have these in my living room which i love (see here):

via barnes & noble

and i thought these would be a wise purchase (ha, sorry, couldn't resist):

via barnes & noble

these aren't exactly reasonable but my are they pretty:

via anthropologie

then i thought, i don't need a traditional bookend, just something heavy enough to hold up the stack. so i found this:

via etsy

wow, love that orange. and since it's a piggy owl bank, you can weight it with coins!

another option which i really love:

then i saw an idea on marthastewart.com which seems pretty genius (as with many of her ideas). she took ceramic vases and placed ziplocks half full of sand inside for weight:

these could be a colorful way to achieve martha's look:

via west elm

what other options are out there?

1 comment:

The Masini Family: said...

The Kappa in me loves the owls! Pottery Barn Kids has some fabric owl bookends that I have been tempted with...can't really find a place for them, but they sure are cute!

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