March 11, 2011

Color Inspiration: Yellow!

it's supposed to be a rainy friday here and this weekend we lose an hour of sleep. so we need something cheery and as long as we're on the subject of colors we like, yellow has to be right up there at the top for me. it's so powerful and even just a little bit can have a huge effect. here are some favorites!

this is one of my most favorite rooms of al time, maybe top 5 even. i could stare at it for hours and think of all the ways to incorporate aspects of it into my own home:
tom stringer

i officially want seahorses somewhere in my abode.
leslie klotz

the next two rooms are like a fantasy but they're real in a house in newport:
kelly proxmire

kelly proxmire

another one of my favorite rooms because the design is so attainable. plus i love that chandelier.
jill johnson

i want the courage to mix patterns like this!
krista ewart

i've posted this one before but it deserves another:
leslie klotz

just a teeny bit and look what it does?
via cococozy

would you do a yellow kitchen? i've seen one in person (not this one) and it was very warm:
sarah richardson

sarah richardson

loving the twin beds pushed together!
meg braff

lots o' yellow here but honestly what catches my eye is the bookcase. it's super cool.
kelly wearstler

another sarah richardson masterpiece and did you know you can get that dress at anthropologie? (looks like maybe it's sold out online now)
sarah richardson

oh this dining room! so many ideas in one room.
diane bergeron via ivy & piper

also remember this post and all yellow in these rooms? delish! do you have yellow in your house? i have a yellow guest room but it's just ok. i'm inspired to punch it up now!

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