March 21, 2011

Curtain Update

as promised from last week, i have a curtain update. (how lame and boring does that sound?!) i ended up finding a woman in a neighboring town who agreed to re-sew my pottery barn curtain panels from this post. she re-worked the top by adding a header and a new rod pocket and also lengthened them from the bottom. lucky for me, i had a nice hanger upper!

here's how one set in the living room came out:

luckily all that snow has melted now. ok now for some color!

first i bought ribbon from joann but the color was oog-lay and very bright so i caved and bought 17 yards of fancier french grosgrain from calico corners (at a much fancier price).

one note - this looks very baby blue-ish in this pic and my camera is determined to outsmart me b/c it couldn't get the settings right to capture the actual color. in reality it's more sophisticated than it looks in this pic. anyway...i pulled out the fabri-tac and glued it about 1.5" in from the edge. see tips on gluing in this post.

(better color here!)

here's how the pottery barn panels look now!

(back to bad color)

note the puddling :) i definitely got the look i was going for for far less than a full custom option. so get creative with your windows - or even your doorways (think panels where a door might be, like on a closet) - and send me the results!

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