April 12, 2011

Skirted Tables

our bedroom is a bit funny and there isn't enough room on both sides of the bed for a bedside table. so we have a 30" diameter skirted table next to my side of the bed. since our bed has a wood frame, i like the idea of a non-wood side table to soften the look. however lately i've been thinking about changing up the fabric on the table. right now it's a boring white quilted fabric. snooze. so i've been looking around at some inspiration for a new look.

man i love this wallpaper. sorry, off topic. love the trimmed out table too.

tom scheerer

the texture that burlap would provide is an idea...

but so far this one's my favorite:

also note the pelvic pelmet box above the window :) and by the way, a skirted table can go anywhere in your home, as evidenced by the photos above! i actually love the look of a rectangular skirted table (like the ones below) but i'm going to work with what i have.

michelle adams

palmer weiss

jenny komenda of little green notebook

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