July 25, 2011

It's Like Christmas!

and what to my wondering eyes should appear? but a fully finished bathroom, i might shed a tear. tears of JOY!! but first should we revisit a before?

and after:

there are still a few items left to be decided and one is the mirror - hence the large empty space above this sink. so it won't be just a big tan wall forever.

i don't have a before of this one but it was a weird empty space so there wouldn't have been much to show anyway!



i think i need a nice painting above the toilet and just may have something in mind :)

again, no real before of this angle which is really bothering me b/c the faucet alone was worth it. how did i not get every angle before??

(need an accessory or two in the corner and again a mirror)

another item that isn't quite finished - the window. i am thinking a half shutter on the bottom. i also bought a little white valance from target and some lilac ribbon to play with. i decided to go with the rejuvenation light from this post and i think it came out pretty well! p.s. see that brown paper on the roof? the painters are stillll here.


and after :)

the niches are travertine in a basketweave pattern set on the diagonal to pick up the floors. the shelves are white corian.

finally the floor because (as i already said before but i'm gonna repeat myself so there!) it's my favorite part. before:

afterward (tumbled travertine laid in a herringbone pattern):

the one thing i was most unsure about was the shower curtain. on a whim i purchased one from garnet hill many months ago with bicycles and flower pots. weird, i know. but i showed a friend this weekend and she gave me the confidence to put it up. i have searched high and low for a curtain i like so i think this one is going to have to work.

during the painting phase, we did encounter this:

note the nose. on another note, today is my bday so i guess this is a great birthday present instead of christmas!


Anonymous said...

Great transformation! Love the floor and niches and the whimsical shower curtain! btw, happy b-day!!

Megan Holsinger said...

Stunning! Best birthday gift ever! So glad you used the curtain.

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Wow! What a transformation! I looove the herringbone floors and the basketweave pattern in the niche. I think the shower curtains adorable. Well done! Merry Christmas ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the problem was with the original bathroom? You don't like gold and brown?? ;) Looks amazing... and love the shower curtain. Happy birthday, love!

Kate said...

looks soooooo good! happy birthday to you!

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