September 6, 2011

Corner Cabinet Progress

the corner cabinet has gone from this:

to this:

woohoo! *note: styling in progress! now that she's pretty, she definitely needed new knobs and i ordered these:

i was specifically staying away from metal knobs - i think they would jump out and scream I AM A KNOB against the white. who likes screaming knobs? ok, this is going to a weird place...

also i had a new idea for the back of the cabinet. tape! i am thinking about using 1/2" tape in green and taping my own pattern. any suggestions on the right tape to use? i am trying vinyl so that it's strong and opaque. i don't know how this will turn out - it could be really bad - but i'll let you know!

also, after the paint job i had a lot of trouble getting the doors to close again. just the extra thickness of the paint made it too tight. but this weekend i was reading this old house mag and they had a super little trick for doors that are jammed - wax paper! so i went to work and it really did help!

have you painted any furniture lately?

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