February 6, 2012


in a cost-saving effort, i attempted to create my own bathroom valance using a target curtain and some ribbon. and well, it sucks. it totally cheapens the whole look of the bathroom where we spent considerable effort renovating one of the ugliest bathrooms i've ever seen.

error 1: i had wanted the valance at the ceiling but because of the rod i chose and the lack of any header on the valance, it's a few inches short. error 2: it's not enough fabric to look full and too much fabric to look tailored. overall, a great lesson in what not to do.

so fast forward a couple weeks when i stumbled on this fabric by braemore (for $10/yd!) that smacked me upside the head and said "he-llooo, bathroom valance."yes, fabrics still talk to me.

ok so maybe you're thinking "um, you have 2 boys!" (or maybe that was just my husband's reaction) but so what. not everything has to be masculine all of the sudden and even though this is the kids' bathroom, it's also the guest bathroom. we can accent with orange to make it more boyish.

also found this "companion fabric" (bleh. that's one of those cheesy, old fashioned design terms that makes me gag. i don't why i just used it.) that i think would make a great accent on a shower curtain:

actually i think the lesson here is don't cling to ideas that aren't working. if it looks like crap, bite the bullet, and move on. it's ok to mess up! has this happened to anyone else lately?

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Lindsey said...

I think part of what makes a successful DIY project so gratifying is that they tend to not work more than they do. It was worth the try and I love the new fabric!

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