August 8, 2012

Bench Counter Seat

best. idea. ever. this is why i love the blog world. you can draw so much inspiration from other creative people. we are in need of bar stools in our kitchen and i've been on the hunt for something i like but nothing has really stuck out to me. i tried the wisteria stools from this post but they went back. the arm is just too high to fit under the standard countertop height which was really annoying. and they couldn't tell me what the arm height was when i ordered. ugh. but i digress.

so today i was catching up on some blogs that i haven't checked in a while and saw this fantastic idea from caitlin creer.

a bench counter seat!! this would be perfect at the end of our island and i love the idea of getting some fabric in the kitchen with all of those hard surfaces.

how about this kitchen and benches?

via houzz

caitlin's post rounded up a few of her favorites, one of which was from horchow:

gorgeous! also this one from upcycled home on etsy that i nearly fell off my chair for when i saw it. RIDICULOUS.

i haven't been this excited about an idea in a while! wow, that was really nerdy. :) has anyone done or seen something similar?

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