August 31, 2012

Nursery In Navy

moving from our old house meant leaving a little piece of my heart behind in the form of the boys' nursery. sniff sniff. the boys' new room is very nice (with an attached bath!!) but about half the size of the old one - and the walls are yellow. yellow is nice but it doesn't exactly go with the aqua and camel color scheme of the old room. however this room won't be a nursery forever and when they go to their big boy beds, it will convert into a guest bedroom where the yellow walls will work perfectly. so i'm not painting and instead i'm changing some out of the pieces and bringing in navy. hopefully they like navy because this is going to be a theme in their rooms for a long time!

my first step was to paint the giant F and C letters glossy navy and i think they turned out great!

then i switched out the aqua stripe pillows for some sharp navy and white ones and the teal bird curtains for navy ones. most importantly the curtains will work in the room when it's a guest room because i think i would be murdered if i suggested moving them to another room. apparently they weren't the easiest to put up. :)

(don't mind those lovely home depot paper shades!)

the last update was the pulls on the dresser - the old ones were cute but maybe a little too cute and these ring pulls are classic and will grow with the boys for years. they can be found here (they don't look as distressed in person as they do online).

bad pic, sorry

i used all of the same artwork that i had in their old room, just all hung them together this time. thanks to my wonderful husband and dad for hanging the curtains and helping with the art collage over the dresser. this room is certainly not going to win any awards but it works for now and i'll do something special in their next room.

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Angela and Enrique said...

I noticed some hits from your blog to my Etsy shop so I thought I would check it out. Your nursery is darling, the pillows look great! You have great taste!

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