November 30, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012

had to buy more storage from google. the 1gb that they give you free is not nearly enough and this blog is barely worth paying for the extra storage but i bit the bullet. GRRR! anyway, at the suggestion of a friend, i've created my first ever gift guide. i hope you find it useful, and remember, you're supposed to be buying gifts for others, not yourself ;) easier said than done right?

for her:

1. the perfect stocking stuffer - a tassle key chain. 2. a great vest in a rich hunter green. 3. blackwatch plaid blazer (i'm having a blackwatch moment. tis the season!). 4. a fun bauble from the queen of accessories.

for him:

a watch for a guy who has been very good this year (a guest pick from AF who made me do this guide). the most delicious holiday tie (might have to get this one ahead of time!). a bright shirt for the athletic types.

for the babes:

adorable hippo for the nursery. a friend (holla MH) told me about next for baby clothes. very cute. what baby boy would not love his very own fire truck?!

for the pups:

jax and bones makes fancy dog beds but they also have some cute toys like this little guy! super cute holiday collar. my favorite place for doggie sweaters for those big and small.

for home:

a pretty tray from etsy shop tilly maison. tortoise glasses. a fabulous desk calendar with...a monogram!

and if you just won the powerball, then how bout one of these?

via here

happy shopping, vfmh style!

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