March 1, 2013

Small World

i’m so glad that people actually read this blog – have i said thank you lately? i think not. THANK YOU. i always think of this blog as this dumb little thing i do and the fact that people take the time to read it is pretty awesome.

so this is cray cray. a wonderful reader who just so happens to also be our real estate broker (and who knows about these sorts of things naturally) read about my house stalking and immediately knew the house i was talking about. (MB you are the best :) she emailed me with the link to the owner’s own blog, concord green!!! and said that this house was featured in Design New England mag early last year which is a big deal. no wonder it caught my eye. i feel very silly for not having already known but in my defense i was a bit busy in january of last year!

turns out the owner is an insanely talented interior designer, lisa kauffman tharp. i was practically jumping out of my chair at work today when i saw she posted many details of her home on her blog and website. stunning doesn't even begin to describe...

i was right on the floors!!! and here is the island under those gorgeous pendants.

the giant map that i saw from the outside is actually nautical charts carefully cut and hung. beautiful.

lisa has a great tutorial on her blog of how she did the project.

a bathroom…such a crazy mix of materials yet somehow it all works really well together.

and finally a much better shot of that gorgeous gray front door which i read is amherst gray (i believe ben moore).

understated and detailed at the same time. love it all. click here for more pictures of this and other projects.

so glad to be in the know now if even a year late! and btw, i did own up to the owner (lisa) that i have been spying on enjoying her house for a few months now. :) have a great weekend ya'll!

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