April 1, 2013

Thibaut's Tanzania

we had the nicest weekend - easter sunday it was sunny and almost 60! here are my bunnies :)

it is extremely hard to get them in the same picture together these days! hope you had a great weekend too!

i have a slight obsession lately with thibaut's tanzania wallpaper. it has me racking my brain for ideas of where i can use it in my house. i think it would look so good in my office - maybe the back of some bookshelves?

(all images via pinterest)

do you love it too?? happy april fools day. this is not an april fools post just in case you're wondering. ;)


runnrnell said...

LOVE IT! I think it would look fab in your office :)

danielle @ design-eye said...

OMG it is fab! I think it would look great in your office :) pS cute babes!

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