July 1, 2013

Old Is New...Again

so i'm really on the painted furniture kick... i've been looking for a long time for a large console/buffet for our dining room. very excited to report that i found the perfect piece from transformations on etsy (hinted about it in this post). i stalked this shop for almost a year before seeing this one and i bet a lot of other people do the same thing! when you see the one you usually have to pounce. anywho here she is...

i lurrrve.  72" long baby! something this size would cost thousands brand new which is not in my realm of possibility. but even if it was, i think it can be way more interesting to find something old and give it new life.

here is my dining room. it will go on the wall that's on the far left of the picture that you can't really see in this view. helpful right? i'll take a better "before"! paint on the walls is buxton blue ben moore.

i'm thinking a bright glossy coral and make it full on hollywood regency glam. it would look amazing with the walls and the kelly green already going on. i also think coral would tie in with the office which would be nice!

there are tons of examples on pinterest like these...

do you have any furniture that could be painted? have you done something like this? i highly admire those who are diy-ing it. back in the day i did the green chairs in the pic of my dining room myself. don't have that kind of time anymore :)

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