September 16, 2013

Project Update: Basement Playroom Nook

happy monday. isn't sunday night always so depressing? super attitude i know! so here is an update on a little corner in our basement playroom that i've carved out for a little craft area (warning: looong wordy post). i started with this:

and now...

still a work in progress but it's definitely coming along! the blank spot in the middle i'm hoping to string up some sort of system to display the boys' artwork. i wanted to make this little spot feel like it's own area so here's how i went about it:

step 1. separate spaces with a rug. and look! a zebra rug! i wasn't allowed to do one in the boys' nursery but i got it in the playroom :) and i love the shape too. i got mine at polka dot peacock.

step 2. something different on the walls. the walls are painted benjamin moore's sail cloth so i added wide stripes, similar to the old nursery, in benjamin moore's revere pewter.

step 3. think about the purpose. this little space is for sitting (one day for more than 5 seconds) and drawing or stacking blocks or playing with playdough! so we needed a table and chairs and enough chairs to have friends over too.

step 4. storage, storage and more storage. first i was envisioning bookcases but those don't come cheap compared to the ikea expedits.

step 5. whimsy. every play space needs plenty of whimsy and i love these animal heads from land of nod. the frames have flashcards that i found on amazon and absolutely love. they are beautifully done and deserve a frame!

i also painted the giant c & f letters once more for this project. so far they have been brown, glossy blue,  and now chalkboard! this was my first time using chalkboard paint and i thought it was much runnier than regular paint. i also found that it becomes unmixed really easily. when i first opened it up it was navy blue and i freaked! it went on like butter - i needed just two quick coats and the letters were good to go. i love the matte black look.

outtake! little finn running through my picture with a purple crayon which he thought looked like a yummy snack! turns out the green crayon is where it's at fyi.

p.s. here's the other side of the room in real life. yikes :)

hope you had a fun weekend! any good stories to tell?

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