September 17, 2013

Project/Wish List

i like an old fashioned list where i can cross things off. i have converted to using my phone calendar to organizing my life and i miss something about the satisfaction of physically crossing things off in a planner. i have so many projects on my wishlist that i need to write them down, so i have - just virtually! and to make myself feel better, i'm including some that are already done so i can at least cross them off :)

via younghouselove

redo laundry room - counters, sink, faucet, backsplash, walls (ugh)

basement playroom - make it fun and functional!

find storage piece for the dining room

replace light fixtures in upstairs hall, entry, mudroom, master bedroom, office

new vanity, sink, counter, faucet for powder room - something way more functional to wash little hands and feet!

kitchen backsplash

window treatments for mudroom, kitchen, eating area

un-yellowify the kitchen/eating area/family room

wallpaper for the entry and make the whole space prettier

make a cohesive plan for the yellow guest room

shutters for the front of our house in dark green

line the driveway in granite pavers and decide whether to have them raised or flush

wowsa. this is definitely seeming more on the wishlist side of things but it still feels good to write it all down! p.s. apologies for the self-serving post today!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love making lists. crossing things off is the best feeling!

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