October 10, 2013

Affordable Black Out Curtains

drapery is one of those things that's sneakily expensive. you have to factor in the cost of the fabric, lining, labor, and hardware. it adds up! so i wanted to share a little tip on how to save money on drapery.

unless you have mad sewing skills and a sewing machine, neither of which i personally possess, here's an idea. buy ready-made panels and have them tailored to the size you need. i know, seems so obvious! for the boys' nursery i needed wider than average panels and a length that's not standard so bought three panels from pbk (here) and took them to a seamstress to have them reworked. she cut one in half and combined it with the other two to get a custom width. then hemmed them to the length i needed.

each panel has blackout lining which is a must for sleeping and goes for $69 (96" length plus free shipping at the time). the seamstress charged me $65 to rework the three panels into two. compare that to truly custom curtains and you definitely save. i did the same thing in the living room in our old house and it came out really well there too.


Danielle Platzer said...

amazing tip, Meredith! This is Danielle ( I had the blog design-eyeonline). I wanted to let you know that I opened up an home d├ęcor shop in South Boston. I know you are somewhat local so would love you to stop by! Also, I'd love to do a giveaway for your blog, so if you are interested please email me. Danielle@neatlynesteddecor.com. Love your blog!

meredith said...

omg congrats! that's huge! i'd love to come by and i'll definitely email you!

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