October 14, 2013

Backsplash Decision!

hello! how are you this lovely monday morning? i must admit - i'm writing this post in advance of monday so i really don't know if it's such a lovely morning or not. anyway i (really we - the hubby was a definite part of this decision) chose the material for our kitchen backsplash. 2x4 marble brick in a honed finish. clean, simple, and classic. remember my inspiration pics here and here (i first started talking about this in january!).

it was definitely helpful to bring home samples and i brought home the beautiful glass tile that i love so much. the top right was the one we were considering.

then blue ceramic which was really really pretty. this one was to get a feel for color but it would have been a subway shape/size. the perfect blue in my mind.

this one was really cool too - gray in some lights and blue gray in others. it also came in 2x5 which is what we would have done as opposed to the 2x8 in the sample.

but in the end we decided that even if there was a faint possibility that we would get sick of the colored backsplash, then it wasn't a good idea. redoing backsplashes with any kind of frequency is just not an option in our minds. this particular marble also has a tiny hint of warmer tones running through it which works really well against our off white cabinetry.

in this photo and in the very first one you can see the current tile that's behind our range. it's broken up pieces of carrara marble framed with a piece of wood on either side. at first i thought i would try to keep it but as we've lived here longer i have done a complete 180 from that idea. here's why:

1. with all of those rough/sharp edges and tons of grout, it's impossible to clean. it eats the sponge and my knuckles.

2. keeping it would also most likely mean keeping the 3" granite backsplash that's below it which also runs the entire length of the perimeter countertop. i really want to take that out so the new backsplash goes right down to the counter. otherwise there is less area for the new tile plus it would just look choppy.

3. following on with #2, i want one clean look. i don't want a focal point or something different behind the range. again it feels choppy to me especially when there isn't a ton of backsplash in the first place. keep it simple is my motto on this. keeping the mosaic would be distracting.

this is why i think it's so important to live in a house before making changes right away! i would have tried to save the current tile and then be majorly regretting it. i'm super excited to see the new marble installed. i know i'll get nervous and think i made the wrong decision halfway through but hopefully in the end it will look just as i'm envisioning!

p.s. work is a bear this week so i'm guessing posts will be light. thanks for sticking with me :)

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