October 8, 2013

Home Improvement Project

do you ever notice how one thing leads to another? all of this talk about putting in a backsplash has me rethinking the whole look of the kitchen - don't freak, not the main stuff - but the detail stuff like lighting, hardware, and paint color (none of which were on the project list of course!). i always find that once you open the door to one change, a bunch of others follow!

so case in point, the pendants in our kitchen are perfectly nice and not offensive in the least but they are pretty boring. also something felt off and it was definitely the scale. they were just kind of there but not really noticeable for any good reason.

our island is large - 9 feet long - and these little 8" pendants were just not cutting it. so last weekend we tackled a little electrical work during our nap time project window. after looking at a lot of photos of white kitchens, i decided on shiny nickel pendants.

the ones i really liked the most were $800 from circa lighting. right. why is it that i always fall in love with the most expensive option? anyway at that price it wasn't an option so i went searching for a lookalike. and i found one!

landmark lighting chadwick pendant in polished nickel

they go for about $260 online which is much, much better than the inspiration ones. and even better than that? i found 2 on ebay and put in an offer of $300 for the pair. the seller countered with $330 - sold! saved about $200! for the third one over the sink i went to wayfair where i had seen a 10% discount and i also had accumulated rewards from the schoolhouse lights for the upstairs hall. saved $50 on that one!

and we also saved on what an electrician would charge since we installed them ourselves. thanks dad for teaching us how to do minor electrical work!

p.s. for those who are saying what about restoration hardware? their pendants are used in just about every kitchen under the sun it seems but 1. they are still pretty expensive and 2. they weren't the exact shape i was looking for. :)

p.p.s. FOR SALE - 3 kitchen pendants - matte black finish with white frosted glass shades! leave a comment with your contact info if interested. one note - i do not have any original packaging so i am hesitant to ship these.
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