November 4, 2013

Family Photo Hall

remember how a couple weeks ago i was all proud of myself that i hung all of this stuff in the house? and i was going to share it with you? wellll i'm finally done! this project goes down in procrastination history (first started talking about it in march!) but i have finally completed our photo gallery in the hallway upstairs. i know it might seem a little narcissistic to some but 1. we have paid good money to have professional shots taken (by the cool and talented kate of ker photography) and i want to showcase them, 2. this hall leads to the laundry room and our bedroom so we really are the only people who see these photos, and 3. they make me smile!

besides sheer laziness, part of the delay was that i had many changes of heart with the frames that i thought i would use (first ikea and then cut it out) but in the end i went with square white gallery frames from pottery barn.

to dress them up a little, i had chocolate brown mats cut at a framer which ties into the brown stripe in the runner in the hall. i love the look and also love it against our gray walls.

i used command strips velcro picture hanging strips to avoid any holes in the walls. i put three sets of strips on each frame - one vertically at each corner on the top and one horizontally at the middle bottom. you can see the strips when you look at the frames from the sides so if that bothers you, then go for the traditional nail route. but the hanging was easy peesy. just measure, mark, and voila!

also used them to hang these three chair prints in our upstairs guest room. the far right one looks out of line to me but truth be told, i just eyeballed these.

p.s. how was your weekend? anything good to report?!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! I really like the PB frames.

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