January 10, 2014

FLOR Tiles Yea or Nay?

so i think we need to separate the boys’ rooms. waaahhh! i’m so sad about this! i always imagined them sharing a room for a while and whispering back and forth from their little beds. the problem is though that we have one sleeper and one non-sleeper. and the non-sleeper is causing problems for the sleeper, not to mention his parents but that's another story. ;)  to make this whole idea happen however, a lot of things need to be done. among them, i need to clear out their upstairs playroom to convert it to an actual bedroom. this necessitates the relocation of the train table that is currently in that room. the table will either go in the basement or in the open space between the kitchen and family room. if it goes in that open space, it needs to sit on something, not just the bare wood floor (so it doesn't slide all around and wreck the floors). which then got me thinking, maybe we should have something in that space regardless so that the boys have a little area to play on. and so on and so on! ;) (one thing always leads to 50 others - remember this post?)

this all brings me to today’s post which is about carpet tiles - an idea i'm considering for the aforementioned open space. specifically FLOR carpet tiles. have you ever used them? how have they held up? do they really stay in place?

{another kiddie-minded solution are those rubber play mats (like this one) with the alphabet or numbers. but all of the reviews say how hard they are to clean and how kids easily pull them apart and eat the pieces. fun! not to mention that this is smack dab in the middle of our open floor plan so i prefer to find something that isn't only for kids.}

each tile is 19.7” and i was thinking of 6 ft square which ends up being about a 4x4, or 16 tiles, and roughly 6.5 feet square. this one is my most favorite but of course it’s way more expensive than most of the others. of course!!

funnily enough they show it in a kid's room but i think it could really go anywhere. i let that one go and ordered a few samples of jimdandy...

(this picture shows pretty much exactly how it will be used!)

and roadside attraction. 

p.s. there is a 15% off coupon right now that i saw on retail me not.

have a great weekend!! i'm looking forward to getting rid of this ridiculously frigid arctic air.

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Danielle said...

I actually have that last one in my living room, and I LOVE it! Our previous living room carpet got so dingy and nasty after about a year (although we lived in a different space, where you kind of walked right in the front door into the room). But still, we are really, really pleased with the tiles. It was easy to install and stays in place really well. I don't even notice the seams.

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