January 23, 2014

Old Rug In A New House

i had all but given up my search for a persian. everything i saw was either too pricey, the wrong size, or just not my style. i had moved on mentally to other options - namely dhurries and sisals. but that husband of mine reeled me back in and declared that he had really fallen in love with the look of the ebay persian even though he agreed that particular one was too small. hearing those words gave me that "i'm back babyyy!" feeling (seinfeld anyone?).

so instead of trying to find something online, we all piled into the car and went to a favorite rug store of mine (dover rug for locals). they really are so nice there and they even have a thomas train table much to the delight of my little ones! we looked through loads of rugs and eventually found this oddly shaped little persian that looked promising.

they took it down, laid it on the floor, and it looked about a 1,000 times better. then for the best part - it measured 6'4 by 7'1. such an odd size for a rug but serendipitously was just the size that we needed for our entry. FATE!! it's a semi-antique and not perfect - one end is frayed a little and one side is shorter than the other but truthfully i like those quirks; they add to it's character. and the whole thing adds some depth to our echo-y new house!

you can see some of the fraying at the bottom left of this pic:

1 comment:

Artie said...

love it, looks great! enjoyed the video clip too ;)

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