March 24, 2014

Etsy Love: Blue Clara Silhouettes

hello monday. you snuck up awfully fast. so you might have seen on instagram last week that i picked up two fun little items from the framer! and i loooove them!! a while ago a friend of mine said she wanted some new artwork for her kitchen (before and after coming soon hopefully!) and in my search for her project, i came across the etsy shop blue clara whose owner does amazing silhouettes. and then once i convinced my friend :) to get two made of her kiddos and i saw them in person, i was fell hard. so i reached out to the shop owner, jamie, who was the sweetest to work with and explained my idea, which was a blown up silhouette of each of my boys that i would frame and hang on either side of our kitchen table.

jamie was the greatest and answered my millions of questions. i had in mind dark gray instead of traditional black and she sent along two different grays and was more than happy to make changes although i didn't need any! the size i wanted (16x20) ended up being too big for her to print so i purchased them in digital form and had them printed on high quality cotton rag paper.

then for the framing - i wanted to tie in the red from the stripes over the fireplace and thought it would be a nice pop against our blue gray walls. i also figured that since the new roman shades were going to be neutral, a little color would be needed. so red was the decision! the woman at the framer thought i was batsh-t crazy when i told her i wanted red frames. and they even tried to talk me out of it! i admit, it's a little unusual but i had a vision and they're dark red anway. one suggestion - have the outside dimensions of the finished product already figured out. that way you can work with your framer to get the size you want. we kept playing with the size of the mat until we got close to the dimensions i wanted. in this case it meant a nice wide mat and i love the look.

i'm pretty thrilled with the end result!

oh and do you like my table styling with a box of wipes? oops! our centerpiece for the last 2 years :)

p.s. i took profile shots of each boy from opposite directions. finn i took from his left and charlie i took from his right. that way when they are hung on facing walls they are both looking the same direction - into the room. or if they were on the same wall they would face eachother. this probably wouldn't matter if it was part of a larger gallery wall but since they are hanging alone, i thought it was important.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those look amazing. I think the red frames are an unexpected choice, but it makes them even more interesting!
- Jamie

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