March 7, 2014

Feeling Validated

o.m.g. so freaking happy it's friday. work is getting more insane by the week. i'm going to *try* to move to my new schedule next week which means 2.5 days instead of 3 days but right now i'd say i'm working close to 5 days a week - not getting paid for it of course. this can't go on! so needless to say i'm looking forward to a little down time this weekend.

have you seen the latest hgtv mag? page 74 in particular. no? well here it is.

left page, bottom right, that's my lamp!! there have been a few times where i've seen something i own in a magazine and it always makes me smile. though i have to say that i much prefer my black linen shade to the butterfly one they paired with it here. btw, big, famous magazines, i'm completely available if you'd like to feature my home on your glossy pages. ready and waiting. k?

have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! i think we might get some warmer temps which will be so welcome. the cold can get you down after a while. i want to hear birds chirping and open my sunroof!

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