February 7, 2014

Project Update: Front Entry

hooray for friday! are we getting more snow this weekend? i can't. handle. it. wednesday we got over a foot. winter in new england, gotta love it :)

our front entry has been in major need of an overhaul since basically the day we moved in. we finally have a great rug and needed some sort of furniture for that space to finish it off. i started with this (weird and terrible!!):

and here's what i came up with:

(another empty frame - print on the way!)

and here are the pieces...

console: found this one okl - this is a cheapo table and one that they feature in just about every sale but i  wanted something warm and felt like natural wood would do the trick. i also like the little brass handles. it's a little on the small side but after styling it up a little, i thought it was ok.

lamp: what makes the space, besides the rug, is the fabulous lamp from target (see my other great target finds from the same shopping trip here). i can't get enough of the gold foil honeycomb effect on the bottom half of the glass. as soon as i saw it i had to stop myself from doing fist pumps in the aisle. and the black linen shade is to die for too. lamp: $49, shade: $25 (both look to be on sale now grrr!)

grey link frame: this is also from target and i love how it ties into the bits of grey in the painting behind it.

the painting: this was my creation a few years ago bb (before babies) and has bounced around from spot to spot. i pulled it off the wall and leaned it instead which made a world of difference. it feels much more relaxed yet modern this way. try it, i bet you'll love it!

blue and white pots: this was a "shop your house" trick. i knew i wanted a pop of blue and white so i stole the pots from the dining room. i think they work for now!

owl and branches: i've had these for a while and i can't remember where i picked up the owl but the branches are from ikea.

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