March 13, 2014

My New Ugly Chairs

it became obvious last christmas that we need a few more chairs for the dining room. i love my green faux bamboo chairs and the round louis xvi too but in total we only have six seats. so i set out to find two fully upholstered host chairs - these are the ones at go at head and foot (foot?) of the table. but these chairs really don't get much use at all so i didn't want to spend much - not an easy ask for the type of chair i had in mind.

i scoured flash sale sights but i am always hesitant to buy chairs online when it's so important to be able to sit in them and see if they're comfortable. returning furniture is a nightmare. ugh. then i thought about craigslist and second hand stores for cheap options that could be reupholstered. good idea in theory but i don't have much extra time to pick through either of these places (though i wish i did!). and then one day i was strolling through homegoods - this is a recurring theme huh?! - and voila! a pair of chairs with a very interesting shape and hideous - and i mean fugly - fabric. it's purpley-gray and yellow.

but maybe just as good as the shape? they are comfortable! even the mister agreed. the legs are just ok but my plan is to redo them in navy linen and add a skirt to the bottom. we have lots of leggy chairs in the dining room, plus the table, so my theory is to mix in a couple of skirted chairs to balance out all of the legs. and i want to add the nailheads back, though what finish - nickel or aged brass?

i relocated the green bamboo chairs to either side of the coral credenza buffet? chest - i never know what to call that thing! they were meant to go there plus since i had stolen the blue and white pots for the entry, there was the just the right space ready and waiting!

back to the new the end with the cost of the fabric and the upholstery charge, i may end up a little higher all in than i wanted but i will also have something that's custom for a fraction of what real custom would be. it's more fun this way than just buying something ready-made right? i might get around to it by next christmas :)


Jen Chilenski said...

Just found your blog and I love your style! Love the mixing and matching!
I think the chairs look great!

Jen Chilenski said...

Love the mixing of chairs, love your blog and sense of style!

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