April 9, 2014

Client Project: Kitchen Art

as i mentioned before, i've been helping a friend pull together some new art for her kitchen. it's been a really fun process and now that it's finally finished and up, we're in love! here was the process...

the before - her husband loved those wrought iron candle holders (isn't funny the things husbands fall in love with?) and she, rightfully so i will agree, hated them.

she set her budget between $350 - $400 which is reasonable but i wanted to get six pieces of art so that both sides of the window were balanced which works out to about $60 per item including framing. (p.s. if he husband asks, the whole thing cost $100, k?) her only requirement was to keep it low key.

for the art, i turned to etsy mostly with a couple of other sources thrown in too. we were going for a casual look - which by the way i couldn't have agreed with more for the kitchen and a young family - i sent her a bunch of ideas and here are the ones she picked:

clockwise from top left: family established print from rdk design (do you know how many of these there are on etsy? took a while to sift through!)  2. an oversized chalkboard letter (except an H)  3. coordinates from jenna sue design  4. a cute quote from a vintage poster  5&6. my fav silhouettes from blue clara

for the framing we wanted to again keep it simple so we went with white frames and mats. we ordered the frames on amazon (of all places!) from a store that had just about every size frame imaginable. then we took the frames and the art to a local frame shop and picked out the mat color (there are so many different whites - just like paint) and had them cut one specifically for each frame and the piece of art.

and now for the afters!

doesn't the whole wall look bigger? i hung the far left print high so she can fit a frame or two and the phone back on top of the radiator cover (isn't that a nice cover?).

best part of the whole project? when we started to hang everything, i needed a pencil to mark out measurements. she found a huge stack of brand new unsharpened pencils and no pencil sharpener! so she whipped out a giant knife and began filing it down. obviously! it was pretty awesome and it worked! she loved how it all looked. let me just say, a happy client is the best feeling ever! p.s. i hung everything with command velcro strips.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The space looks so much fresher and bigger! Nice choices!

Sarah Aloi said...

I was looking through your blog when I came across this post. I literally laughed out loud when I read, "isn't it funny the things your husband falls in love with?!"... agh, I feel ya. Currently trying to get mine to part with his Ikea huge brown leather couches.....

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