June 12, 2014

I Think I Broke My Rule :/

holy busy. i can't believe it's already thursday and a week has gone by since my last post. work is really crazy, even with my reduced schedule and i traveled sunday - monday for a meeting. it was actually nice but then when you get back to reality there is so much to catch up on! plus next week we're on vacation (i can't wait to take more pics of cute houses to share!) but i haven't packed a thing and it's a pretty daunting task with two 2 year olds!

but anyway, if you follow me on instagram you saw yesterday that i sorta kinda broke my rule. eeks! everything else i've shared since "the decision" was either in process beforehand or stuff that was done and i was just dragging my feet on in terms of posting. but this time it's real - i bought new pillows for the guest room which definitely falls in the "decorating project" category. i feel so ashamed! but i honestly didn't even realize it in the moment. i just saw these pillows and they screamed at me - guest room!

i am in love with the combination!!

the pillows are from furbish studio and caitlin wilson textiles (posted on instagram too). i love them. i love how the patterns all work together. this was a step outside of my comfort zone - especially the headboard fabric with the ikat shams - but colors are all right in my wheelhouse. the headboard i had recovered a few years ago and it's a lot of pattern. but sometimes you need to pair pattern with more pattern to get it to work i guess (not that i have a lot of experience doing this!).

ugh, i will strive to be better. back on the wagon!

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