June 26, 2014

Oh No She Did-n't

snap snap snap. oh yes girlfriend, yes she did. she being me in this case. (took you back to about 1995 there didn't i?)

fiiiinally getting to the little tease i put out there on instagram a couple of weeks ago. [*disclaimer* all of this was in progress before the big decision - it's just taken me that long to finish up and post!] i talked about here how i messed up in the laundry room and rushed to paint it without properly testing paint colors and then freaked out after the first coat of the new color went up and hastily switched to a color that was much darker than my original vision. while all along all i really wanted to do was wallpaper the whole space. so i hemmed and hawed and then saw a paper i liked that was also affordable (here). and as it happened, it went on sale for 20% off a couple of weeks later and i was, faced with two options. 1. do nothing and admire from afar or 2. jump on the sale and put the bad decisions behind me. i think you all know by now, i'm more of git er done kinda girl! :)

so i got back in touch with cheryl from commercial wallcoverings (new englanders, she really is the best) and asked her to fix my paint mistake.

turns out this paper was a bear to hang and requires all sorts of math skills. not for the novice to attempt! and because of that i didn't order enough and had to go back and buy one more roll! tip - if this happens to you make sure to ask for the same run so that the dye lots match. :)

also loving my lulie wallace print from anthropologie. not sure if this is its final home but it's cute no matter where it is!

one day i'd like to add a little rug in here to warm it up a bit. only trouble is that the floor space is a bit of a funky size (3'10 x 5'2 would be ideal) so it will need to be custom. hoping i can find a little sisal remnant on the cheap!

1 comment:

Lacey said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Also, for the carpet - check out the carpet work room in needham. such nice guys and great remnants!

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