September 2, 2014

Quick Project: Bench Redo

ugh back to the grind after a really nice long break. trying to be positive today but it's painful!

a while back i did a post on upholstering a ballard designs bench (here) and i covered it with a navy pagoda fabric.

it lives in our dining room now and i decided that with the new navy walls, the pagoda fabric didn't really stand out (even though we also had navy walls in our old house - don't know why it didn't bother me then!). so i found a fun block print from lacefield designs in kelly green and navy to reupholster it!

the fabric at was $22/yd, and i only needed 1 yard, plus more staples because i couldn't find my old ones, and i was all in on this project for about $25! i think it adds the perfect punch to this space.

this really is such an easy project! start by gathering your tools - very sophisticated tools here ;)

since i was putting a lighter color fabric on, i had to take the other fabric off so it wouldn't show through. i just unscrewed the legs and removed the staples holding it in place.

but i kept the off-white twill that was original to the bench.

the hardest part really is centering the fabric on the bench. it's also hard to get a picture of yourself doing that! that's the only slow part of the project. once you have it centered, just start in with your staples. pull the fabric reeeeally tight and pop one in. i like to start in the middle and work my way to the corners. not at all sure if that's the proper method!

once i had all of the staples in, i quickly trimmed the fabric down so it wouldn't show from underneath. about an inch maybe from the staples?

and voila! a new bench...


Anonymous said...

really pretty!

Christie said...

Nice work! Looks fantastic!

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