October 23, 2014

Furniture Switcharoo

hello friends. i really do mean to blog more but at the end of the day i'm either exhausted or... exhausted! maybe my interest is waning a little? anyway, i shared my entry on instagram the other day and thought i'd share a little more here.

so this used to be our entry.

eh. it never felt quite right to me - truthfully i made a hasty decision on a little console (key word being "little" - it was way too small for the space). after trying to get used to it and make it work, i gave up. i had this idea in the back of my head to move the desk in the office to the entry to see if the scale would be better.

also mr. r had mentioned to me that he wished we had a "real" office in our house. i got all offended and dramatic since i work in our office every week and had put some effort into making that room a nice place to be. but after i stopped being upset and asked what he meant, it (partly) boiled down to the fact that the desk is hard to write on. and i'll give him that - it's grasscloth so you need to have something underneath when you write. i think that used to be called a blotter? the other part is that there is a general lack of leather, dark wood and other "manly office" decor in the room. ;)

but i couldn't shake his comment and felt bad that he wasn't 100% happy so i again began thinking how pretty the grasscloth would be in our entry - which you can see from the office - with the persian rug, blue and white pots, and pretty much anything else you want to pair with it! so i moved the desk to see how it would look as a console.

and i think it works! i added the x benches(*) which i had been storing away in the basement until i knew where i wanted to use them. my mom thinks they look cramped but i like it. i also think the desk didn't work very well with the sisal rug in the office - not enough contrast so they just blended together. but here in the entry it really is a great mix of textures.
*um you may notice that the welting on the benches is a little different?! i wanted navy welting and when i asked an upholsterer they said that they couldn't redo the welt without redoing the whole thing. ugh not what i wanted to hear!! so i went to michaels and bought a couple of sharpies and began coloring. not sure this was my brightest idea - it's very hard/time consuming and i don't have the steadiest hand!

here's the pic i posted on ig - a close up on the top. **UPDATE** thank you to @furbishstudio for  regramming this photo!!

only problem - we were desk-less in the office! part 2 of this post coming up with a desk in the office :)

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