October 16, 2014

Trending: Chevron Necklace

holla. it's been a super busy week - trying to get in gear and finish up a bunch of unfinished projects. we're also facing the terrible twos x2. it's actually the terrible 2 3/4s! and i hear 3 is even better ;)

so back on the jewelry kick. that chevron necklace that i loved so much at anthropologie is no longer available (strangely it looks available still online but i ordered it and they canceled my order - boo). so i thought i'd share a few more options in case anyone else was smitten like me!

j crew factory has a pretty one for a very reasonable price, a little chunkier look though.

here's one from etsy that has a similar feel to the original inspiration (comes in gold as well).

madewell has a version but it doesn't get great reviews.

anyone else have a favorite?

almost friday people, almost friday!

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