January 13, 2015

Black And White Florals 2

hi there! so this is my last week at work. it's a totally surreal feeling still but i'm ready. i'm going to miss it though, there's no doubt. but more on that and other deep thoughts on thursday!

a while back a did a short post on some black and white florals and, well, i'm still hooked!! today i'm focusing on wallpaper. i'd love to do my entry in something like this. it would be traditional but modern and i think the perfect contrast to some of the other elements i've got going on! before i focused on schumacher's pyne hollyhock but here are some others that have a similar feel!

how pretty is this bathroom?

this image was my initial source of inspiration. i love everything about it.

i imagine this room to be at an inn somewhere in like vermont.

another bathroom and how cool is that bone inlay mirror with it?

in reverse here with black as the background color. so pretty with the pine beds.

a kitchen - not sure i could live with it in my main living space but it's pretty!

and one more pretty bath.

if you're on the bandwagon with me, here are a couple of sources...starting with a splurge from anthropologie.

this one's from the home depot if you can believe it!

and from a random source but it sure it purdy :)

what do you think? have i gone granny on you? :)
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