April 20, 2015

Weekend Happenings

and just like that it's already getting toward the end of april. how did that happen?! happy patriot's day new englanders! our super historic town as a parade every year but i'm bummed because this year it looks like a wash out :(

so it seems that i have been on an unlucky streak lately - after the coffee table fail, i met with our contractor on friday who said our shutters had come in. i was so excited! buuut then when he brought them to the house, we saw that they were not the style that we had ordered. fail #2. we can have them re-made but the lead time is like 4 weeks which is just annoying. and last but not least, i woke up early and went with my mom to target for the lilly pulitzer collection release. we walked in the door at 8:02am and everything was GONE. empty racks, crazy lines, i even saw a little tiff! the store supposedly opens at 8 but they had to have opened early - guess we missed the memo. clearly not the end of the world but just my luck as of late. oh! but if you have to have something - check out ebay where things are going for triple the prices and more!

we did make some progress outside though - special thanks to mimi and pop pop for coming up and being great babysitters (of the human and canine variety) and the very best gardener (mimi). hydrangeas dead headed and grasses cut back!

mr. r and i also put up new house numbers which were just a teensy weensy bit hard to make even and straight but in the end they really look good. huge improvement over what was slapped up there before!

and lastly, i finally opened up a roll of that serena & lily wallpaper that i feel like i practically stole and held it up in various places in the entry and stairs. i really love the pattern and color but i'm still not convinced that it works with the runner. trying to decide if there is another spot for it. :)

and that's that for today!

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