July 22, 2015

Front Entry Refresh

hi i'm here! i keep falling asleep in my littles beds. so hard not to but kills the productivity! oh! i got a first preview of the new blog design and hot dog is it going to be better. (i watch too much mickey mouse club house, can you tell?) i can't wait to finalize the logo so we can roll out the new look!

a while ago i shared the newly completed look of our refreshed entry on instagram and people seemed to like it. :) so today i thought i'd share some wider shots. here are the original ig pics to start.

i really do love how this vignette came together. and that lamp/shade combo has me all kinds of heart eyes. here's the rest of the space. first angle, from the office...

sidebar - my husband would kill me but i'm not sure this rug is working for me anymore. eeks! it's just so dark and heavy. let's just keep that between us, k?

from the dining room:

from the bottom of the stairs:

you know i'll keep tweaking and especially try to whittle down for a "less is more" look. happy hump day!

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