September 1, 2015

Photographer Christine Flynn

yesterday was the first day of preschool - ahhh!! they're still little but time is definitely flying! oh and a follow up on the watch post from a little while back. i got a call from the jeweler who had sent my watch back to tag heuer for an estimate. i still can't believe it but tag got confused and made the repair without the ok from me or the jeweler (i refused to pay the outrageous $1000+ estimate). they completely replaced the face, the crown, and the stem all for FREE!!! i feel like i won the lottery! thank you for the ideas you sent for a new watch but i'm happy to say i won't be needing them. :)

on to the good stuff...i found artist christine flynn through one kings lane and was completely drawn to her photos.

i just purchased this print and i love the light. i also think okl has very reasonable prices on large pieces of art. it would be nearly impossible to get a large size print framed for the cost of what they're selling ready to hang.

are you a fan?

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