March 22, 2016

Wallpaper Woes.

aka i can't make up my mind. aka i need to win the lottery. i have this fear of committing to something because what if the next week someone somewhere releases some amaaaazing design that gives me remorse and i'm all like ooo that's perfect! argh.

and if i found the money tree maybe i'd pick this from quadrille.

or this by anna spiro.

i've had this weird day of being attracted to wallpapers that i can't for the life of me figure out why i like. kind of like that guy you liked back in college but all of your friends were like huh? i've been into this one from ballard designs. the swatches they send are SO crappy though. however in person the pattern is whiter and lighter which is a plus.

also otomi. mostly (almost always) done in nurseries but i did see it in this space designed by jenny komenda.

a couple of contenders. does it scream baby?? i think the fact that i'm asking that probably rules it out for me.

also i have 10 rolls (embarrassed face!) of this hanging out in my house.

there are also still a couple from this post. i'm struggling so much with deciding on something that will have some longevity. i don't want to do anything too weird that i'll want to change it in a few years. because, you know, that's not allowed! ;)

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