May 2, 2016

The Mother's Day *Wish* List

to all the mommas out there - just go ahead and forward this post right on to your baby daddy. it's short and sweet, no over thinking required.

Mothers Day 2016

1. i pretty much threw myself at the computer when i saw this bag. and as of the time i'm writing this (sunday), it's 20% off.

2. turkish towels are so versatile. use them as an actual towel or as a piece of decor (my preferred method).

3. lake pajamas. i've raved about them before. it's one of those you don't think you need them until you have them sort of thing. like a king bed. p.s. size up one size

4. these chloe flats are a long shot but it's better than asking for a chloe bag!! ;)

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