January 12, 2017

5 Facts About Me! And A New Guest Room Design

oh blog friends, i'm so behind. seriously wish there were 12 more hours in a day! so now that it's the new year, i thought i'd break out of my norm and get a little more personal around here with another "facts about me" post. (and if this isn't your thing, i get it but don't miss the pretty new bedroom i designed at the end!)

1. i love excel and spreadsheets and i geek out about formulas. πŸ€“it's one of the few things about my past desk-job life that i miss. #nerdalert

2. we struggled majorly to have kids but it inspired my design business. read more about it here.

3. i eat horribly. 😬 i could subsist on cheese and chocolate but also have a passion for pasta, ribs, steak, and a good lasagna. you'll never catch me with a kale salad. πŸ™…

4. i used to decorate very colorfully (see most of my early blog posts for more on that) but the older i've gotten, the more i'm drawn to whites with little hits of color here and there. i blame the children. πŸ˜‰

5. i'm a night owl. i've been trying to be better lately but midnight is a normal bedtime for me. i have about 3.5 precious hours to myself four mornings a week which fills up quickly with client appointments and super glamorous stuff like grocery shopping. so the evening hours are my work time and it's never enough!

bonus fact: my favorite color is blue! i have to push myself to use other colors but i'll always go back to blue. and this leads to a new bedroom design i put together. happily i've got our upstairs guest room in a much better place now but i am sick and tired of our basement guest bedroom. it's basically been the same design in all three of our houses and it's time for a change. so i designed a room that features my favorite shade and keep things fresh and crisp. i've been looking and looking for a navy and white wallpaper and when serena & lily released this new patterned, i immediately added it to my cart. voila!


Melissa S said...

I fondly remember a weekend gathering at your house the summer after freshman year. Your parents were away and I think (until we arrived) you were living on brownie batter. I haven't made this up, have I? :). Melissa S.

meredith said...

I had completely forgotten about that but yes!! Lol not much has changed!

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