May 18, 2011

Exterior Paint Colors

we have officially signed a contract to have the exterior of our house painted. it's long overdue. we're that house where the paint is peeling off and mildew covers the trim. it's ok from afar but embarrassing from up close. so with a new coat(s) of paint comes the opportunity to change up the color scheme!

right now there is a gray-blue shade on the clapboards, off white on the trim, and an impossible-to-describe (read: weird) blue on the doors.

so here's what i'm thinking...trim stays the same color (benjamin moore's navajo white). doors go glossy black. semi-gloss for the garage doors. high gloss paint is hard to work with and labor intensive so that will save some money.

this leaves the main color of the house. i have two streams of thought on this: 1. a true gray, eliminate the blue-ish hue of the current gray color. mr. r is leaning this way.

or 2. go the taupier side of gray. one with some brown in it. some might even call this greige - gasp! i am actually leaning this way.

ok so they look nearly identical on the computer but i promise in real life they are two very different colors. anyway, here some inspiration pics!

both images courtesy of maddie g designs (great blog!)

picture i took (see here)

opinions? suggestions? paint color ideas?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just noticed your post on gray paint. The coventry gray is VERY blue. I'm sure you'll paint samples but just wanted you to be aware!

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