December 7, 2012

La Mer and No No

well this week was a total bust in terms of posting. my to-do list is just too long and i can't seem to get everything done plus get posts done ahead of time. oye.

back in october of 2010 i posted about la mer lip balm. well after putting it on religiously every night using the mouth-directly-in-product technique (see the original post), it finally ran out. that's 2 years!! after feeling guilty about spending $45 on what is essentially fancy chapstick, i feel justified by the cost per use (oh apparently inflation is very high because it's now $50). i'm happy to have bought a replacement thereby keeping these lips chap-free. :)

topic 2: the no no. has anyone ever used this product? i'm wondering if it works. specifically as an alternative to bikini waxes. it's being constantly pushed on radio ads around boston so they have me thinking about it anyway but talk about pricey...

what's up for the weekend? i hope to get our where to put it so that little 11 month olds who like to pull up don't pull it over :)

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